Feng Shui has been around for hundreds of years and yet much of the philosophy behind it, lies in common sense. 

The direction a home faces hugely affects heating and cooling and this is a key principle in this old science. Whether a home has water behind it, a view to the back door or stairs that land smack dab in front of the front door, all of these basic concerns are based on safety or protection. 

Culturally, numbers- spoken in Chinese, have words that echo the sound- and 4 – when spoken, has the same sound as death. Therefore , a family may not consider a home with 4 as a lead number- but it can often get more complicated than that! 


Whatever your beliefs, it’s important to note that many of the ‘ bad’ feng shui concerns can be ‘ cured’ with a few simple adjustments!  Let us know your thoughts on what you might find that would keep you from buying a home.

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